Cable Ports

Cable Ports are a great option to manage cable routing and access through the desktop. Specified to the client’s needs, these can be situated in any position within the desktop and are CNC drilled in our factory, allowing a truly bespoke offering, well suited in conjunction with our range of Cable Management Trays.

Cable Tidy Ports are designed to fit into the industry standard 80mm diameter port holes and are manufactured in ABS for durability, with a sliding cover to enhance appearance.


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Cable Port

Abundance of Accessories.

The Lavoro range of countertop components are designed to keep the working area tidy and clutter free. A range of them can be specified to the clients needs, allowing a truly bespoke offering. 

Enhance the management of your Lavoro desk.


5 Year Guarantee

5 Year Guarantee

Next Day Delivery

Next Day Delivery

Cable Port



Guarantee 5 Years
Diameter 80mm
Compatibility All Lavoro desks
Optional Extras Cable Clips


Package Size included in desktop package
Package Weight N/A
Package Quantity N/A
Lavoro Zero


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