Why use height adjustable desks?

4 March 2021

Why use height adjustable desks in the workplace?

Why use height adjustable height desks is the most commonly asked question when first introduced to the concept.

The primary reason for height adjustable desks to be used in the workplace can be different depending on whether you are the prospective desk user, responsible for the procurement of furniture, or are one of the leaders in the company.

For height adjustable desk users, they key is in the health benefits, and the clarity of thinking whilst working that arises from increased circulation.


If you’re the CEO of a company looking to invest in height adjustable desks, then the benefits are endless – but primarily they will increase productivity whilst also maintaining a happy and healthy workforce.

From a procurement perspective, height adjustable desks provide longevity, as every desk can be reconfigured to suit every user, whether catering for disabilities, or providing an ergonomic solution for taller users.

So,  the three main answers to ‘why use height adjustable desks’ are summarised below.  click below for more detailed information.


Health benefits - why use height adjustable desks  standing desk


Users of height adjustable desks benefit from improved blood circulation, up to 10% increase in metabolic rate, reduced risk of coronary disease and failure and increased bone health from active working.

why use height adjustable desks - productivity


Varying between sitting and standing as opposed to sedentary working means that the user is less likely to suffer from fatigue, thus increasing focus and getting more done!

why use height adjustable desks - be more flexible


For the first time in the history of working, every desk is suitable for every member of staff – if the desk is a height adjustable desk!  This is due to the rapid adjustment catering for all user types and disabilities.

why use height adjustable desks - Lavoro Design

why use height adjustable desks – ARE THEY GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY?

This is what most decision-makers want to know. So why use adjustable height desks if they cost much more than standard static desks? This simple way of working out if height adjustable desks are an investment for you is to divide the cost of the desk over the expected life-cycle. If you base this on the fact that a height-adjustable desk is to last ten years, and costs £1000 maximum, it equates to less than £2 per week and has the potential to save sick days, mental health, and even attract top talent to the company.

Attracting talent to the office now is more complex than ever – with Covid-19 still in full sway and a shortage of workers, having up to date offices and amenities are one of the most important things to make your prospective employees want to work in the business and existing ones want to stay! So the real answer to “why use height adjustable desks?” is a lot more than just one factor!





As height adjustable desks go, the Advance is one of the most stable, quiet and versatile on the market, despite being able to hold a max weight of 120kg and being suitable for the most rigorous of commercial environments.   This desk also has the largest height adjustment range in the Lavoro Design collection, from 620mm to 1280mm in total!

The Advance is also the most popular height adjustable desk for projects, due to the huge range of accessories it is compatible with, for storage, mobility and cable management.

It is available in many frame finishes, and our complete range of desk top decors.

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