What type of sit-stand desk is suitable for you?

1 April 2022

There are many reasons to buy a standing desk, but there are so many choices that finding the best fit for your needs can be a big challenge, and the decision is which one exactly would be suitable. Moving throughout the day, changing postures frequently is a key way of keeping up good health and an adjustable desk is an excellent tool that will help you do that.

It’s official a standing desk will make your workers more productive, more engaged and more healthy, according to a study of NHS staff. By expressing this, we provide high-quality height-adjustable desks that  suit all needs and fit into any office environment. 

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Guide to find the right standing desks for office and home working

Having a dedicated working desk is beneficial: It can increase creativity and productivity since there is a space where computers and files can be kept in one place. Another advantage is that having a working table reinforces boundaries between home and work life. This is the area where the line is drawn.

Each of our sit-stand desks has a weight capacity, and most models have plenty of capacity for typical desktop items. However, if there is a need to locate heavy objects on the desktop, such as more than one monitor, be sure to pay attention to weight capacities. We offer a heavy-duty upgrade of up to 160kg with our flagship desk, the Advance, which is the same weight capacity as our height-adjustable corner desks.

Our electric motor desks are available to purchase with our 4-way memory controller switch. This is beneficial for those in the office and at home working if  wanting the desk to be saved at a specific height, especially if the desk or workspace is shared with others who require a different height when working.

We offer a great range of electric motored and manual desks. This gives the customers a variety of choices if the power supply in the office is limited. Our electric height adjustable desks are powered with Swedish motors – straight desks featuring dual motors and our corner desks featuring triple motors. If looking for a standing desk with little to no noise with reasonable speed adjustment while operating up or down, we can promise all of our height-adjustable desks can achieve this.

When thinking of getting an extra monitor for a desk we recommend investing in an adjustable monitor arm(s). Our monitor arms are an essential accessory for all desk users. With extensive height, tilt and swivel adjustment these monitor arms will enable the employer to comply with display screen equipment regulations. Ensuring a stable screen at the correct height, no matter the needs of the individual user and can be adjusted in seconds using a simple quick release system.

It is important that desks are the right height in order to maximize productivity and health.  All of our height-adjustable desks can be lowered to 625mm and taken up to 1285mm, perfect for wheelchair users and those who reach 7ft in the office.  Having the ability to sit or stand whilst working increases health and fitness by remaining active throughout the working day.

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Type of sit-stand desk

Straight Desks

What type of sit-stand desk is suitable for your workspace? - Blog Post By Lavoro Design

Simple, elegant, and practical standing desk solutions that will integrate seamlessly into all offices and venues. It can be configured to all user requirements, with programmable height settings, restrictions, anti-collision and memory settings.

Corner Desks

What type of sit-stand desk is suitable for your workspace? - Blog Post By Lavoro Design

Sit-stand corner desks are a highly adaptable solution for the inclusion of executive standing desks and can be configured in an almost infinite number of ways. So whether the client is looking for a spacious desk and are unlimited with office room, our corner desks are the go-to!

Meeting Tables

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The height-adjustable meeting table collection covers all team sizes, management styles, and applications. Standing meetings have long proven to be more effective, yielding more creativity and ensuring that meetings are kept timely and efficient.

Home office

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Now that working from home/hybrid working is the new normal, the versatility of Lavoro Design height-adjustable desk systems gives a vast wealth of options to match your specified home décor schemes, ensuring that every standing desk blends in with its surroundings. 

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