Ways to organise your under-desk drawers

25 November 2021
Ways to organise your under-desk drawer - Height Adjustable Desks By Lavoro Design

Whether in the office or working from home, a tidy workspace helps stay organised and stay productive throughout the day, and we can help with ways to organise the under-desk drawer.

At Lavoro Design, we provide under-desk storage to place and store all work equipment, documents, and any other clutter in there while working at a height adjustable desk.

Being disorganised and not keeping the workstation clean can easily interrupt the working day. Many struggle with keeping their desk drawers tidy; that’s why we’ve come up with desk drawer organisation ideas to help maintain a productive workspace.

Black Vault Medium 500 - Height Adjustable Desks By Lavoro Design
Silver Vault Medium 500 - Height Adjustable Desks By Lavoro Design
White Vault Medium 500 - Height Adjustable Desks By Lavoro Design

All of the Vault drawers are suitable for all straight and corner height adjustable desks and are available from sizes 250 x 500 medium or 300 x 700 large.

The Vault under desk drawers are available in our original 3 colours: black, silver, white.

Read on to know ways to organise an under-desk drawer at a workstation…

Clearing out clutter

Removing everything from the desk drawers enables users to have a good look at all the contents and be strict when it comes to deciding what is needed. This then gives the user the opportunity to get rid of any unnecessary clutter

Prioritise the space

When putting items back, put in the items used the most. This tends to include car keys, phone, stationery, or notepads. The under-desk drawer is the easiest to get to and will save reaching down to a bag or the desk for the most-used items.

Organise by function

Separating objects in the desk drawer by function makes it easy to know exactly where to go for different items. These categories could be:

  • Stationery
  • Documents
  • Cables/chargers
  • Mobile phone
  • Other personal belongings

By keeping things tidy and organised in the under-desk, it will be easier to access things when working at the desk!

Ways to organise your under-desk drawer - Height Adjustable Desks By Lavoro Design
Vault Under Desk Drawer - Height Adjustable Desks By Lavoro Design

Don’t worry about space

Empty spaces in the under-desk drawer, shows an excellent job of organising. Don’t feel the need to fill it with other items.  Empty space is good for efficiency and productivity, making it easier to find what is needed.

Wrap up loose wires

Loose wires are a a hazard as well as making it hard to distinguish between wires. Messy cables can take up a lot of the space available in desk drawers. Wrapping them up in ties is a great organisation idea. This will keep all the wires together, allowing the space to be used wisely and also by labeling them it’ll help to remember what each of them is used for.

Go paperless

Paper can often take up a large part of desk drawer storage. Going paperless can be a smart way to save space and keep the desk drawer organised. Taking notes and saving documents on your laptop leaves the desk drawer for more important items.

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