Standing Desks: Why should we use them?

17 February 2022

Why should standing desks be used?

,Standing desks have gained popularity over the last couple of years, especially with the launch of online retailers such as 

They are easy to support while working and improve office or home office morale. Whether working from your home or working from a busy shared space, a standing desk is a great option to improve health during the workday.

Standing Desks: Why should we use them?

There are many reasons why standing desks would be beneficial in the office environment. Sitting too much is a common problem, with many partaking in the sedentary lifestyle of sitting 24/7 in front of a desk or at home on the sofa, etc.

Before we get into the benefits, let’s quickly talk about what exactly is a standing desk. Standing desks allow users to stand up comfortably while working normally at a computer for example. Scroll down for standing desk benefits!

Standing Desks: Why should we use them? - Height adjustable desks by Lavoro Design
Standing desk win for 2021 - the Cromo

Standing can lower the risk of weight gain and obesity.

Burning calories is what the body does naturally, however, this can be increased by performing exercises such as running and walking. As well as this, standing can burn more calories than sitting.

Standing can reduce lower back pain.

Back pain is one of the most common complaints from workers. Humans are not built for sitting for prolonged periods and this does not bode well for those who have desk jobs. Breaking up normal routines with intermittent standing bouts can significantly reduce the risk of back pain.

Standing improves mood and energy levels.

Sitting has been linked to both an increased risk in depression and anxiety. On the flip side, standing has been attributed to increased levels of mood and energy levels. Along with improved mood and energy, standing also invites collaboration which pairs well with open-plan offices.

Standing may lower the risk of heart disease.

The phrase “sitting is the new smoking” was coined, with evidence coming out that too much sitting during the day can have profound negative effects on your health. When sat for prolonged periods, blood flow slows down which allows fatty acids to build up in the vessels. This can ultimately lead to heart disease.

Standing Desks: Why should we use them? - Height Adjustable Desks By Lavoro Design

Using standing desks in the office or home office creates a positive environment. This stops sitting all day and staring at a computer screen; it allows the body to breathe and remain active by standing after being seated all day.

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