Ways to Improve your posture with a standing desk

6 April 2022

Improving posture

Posture is an essential player in overall health and appearance. Poor posture can lead to constant pain throughout your body, especially in your back and neck. According to the Harvard Medical School, poor posture can affect the position and function of abdominal organs, inhibit breathing and oxygen intake and cause headaches.

An important factor in improving posture is making sure you have a break between sitting and standing. Therefore, a height-adjustable desk can help with this.

However, there are a few key points to ensure that the most is made out a height-adjustable desk in the working environment. 

  1. Keep whole body, neck, torso, and legs in a vertical line.
  2. Put monitor just below eye level.
  3. Use a headset/speaker for phone calls to avoid cricking the neck.
  4. Allow wrists to be straight when typing; hands should be at or below elbow level and arms close to your body when ordering.
Ways to improve your posture with a standing desk - Blog post by Lavoro Design
Ways to improve your posture with a standing desk - Blog post by Lavoro Design


Long hours/ Night Shifts sitting at a desk can harm posture and health. It is known that sitting without any physical activity throughout the day can potentially lead to signs or risks of obesity.

Therefore, a simple action such as changing sitting to standing or quick-stepping away from the desk and going for a quick walk can help keep the body awake most of the day while also keeping hydrated

A standing desk allows the stretching of the back, neck, and shoulders. Standing and moving can help your focus and mental health remain positive throughout the day.

What is the correct stance when sitting or standing at a desk?


It is key to keep  feet firmly planted on the floor whilst seated and standing, as this reduces strain on the back. While sitting, one thing to note and keep in mind is to not cross legs, this is because it can cause hip problems and cut off circulation.

If standing, it is a good thing not to balance or put most of your weight on one foot than the other; this way, posture is kept straight throughout the day. We provide standing mats that will significantly enhance user comfort during the working day, so if standing for long periods at a time, the user will appreciate reduced pressure on the back and increased blood circulation, which also helps to prevent and combat the effects of lower limb disorders such as osteoarthritis.

Ways to improve your posture with a standing desk - Blog post by Lavoro Design

How our height-adjustable desks and accessories can help with posture.

At Lavoro Design, we know the importance of needing a healthy posture. While working at a desk, it is crucial to know that good posture is essential for good health.

With increasing numbers of people working from their own home offices and continuing to work in the office, we’re committed to helping our clients feel more comfortable, regardless of the type of work they do. Rather than being a cure for severe conditions, such as scoliosis or a bulging disc, your standing desk will help prevent further pain and lower the risk of fatigue, diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, and heart disease.

As precision manufacturers and specialists in height adjustable furniture, we promise to make the specification and use of height-adjustable products easy for designers, architects, and dealers to end-users of sit-stand products.

In choosing our height-adjustable desks, we promise to deliver in pursuit of excellent posture and performance.

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