How tall are standing desks?

1 March 2022
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Standing desks are known to reach a certain height for users to feel comfortable standing at.

Early studies show they can be highly beneficial for health and productivity. This is especially true with versions that adjust between standing and sitting.

How Tall Are Standing Desks? - Height Adjustable Desks By Lavoro Design
How Tall Are Standing Desks? - Height Adjustable Desks By Lavoro Design

Working in the office

While being in the office and working at a desk 24/7, getting up is very important in order to prevent pain throughout the day. A height adjustable desk gives users the option to sit and stand without having to leave the workstation. This also helps to fix back posture.

All of our height-adjustable desks are suitable for all office spaces, and each workstation is complemented of choice from our 18 MFC desktop décors. Whatever the project or requirement, we have an excellent range of sit-stand desks to choose from.

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Working from home

Now that working from home has become essential for companies and businesses due to the pandemic, it is necessary to look after health while working in the comfort of home. Standing desks are highly beneficial for workspace and health, so by having one at home, you will be able to remain active just as much as you would in the office.

We have an excellent range of desks suitable for working from home. Our space-saving desks Mini, Zero and Flex are an ideal option to go for if the area has limited space.

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How tall are standing desks?

At Lavoro Design, all of our standing desks start at their lowest height of 615mm up to 1285mm being the highest. Perfectly suitable for wheelchair accessibility and also designed for users up to 7ft in height.

As a team, we cater for all applications of active working, allowing users to reap the health and mind benefits of alternating between sitting and standing. The range encompasses sit-stand desk and workstation solutions for large corporate offices down to occasional height-adjustable tables and standing boardroom tables.

How long should be spent standing at a desk?

Sitting down too much can have significant health risks. However, that certainly does not mean that standing for large amounts of time is better. 

We recommend for every 3 hours sat in the office, 1 hour should be spent standing. Alternating this between sitting and standing every 30 to 60 minutes. This avoids any muscle pain in legs, tendons, and other connective tissue if standing for long periods of the day. 

To help with standing at the correct height at your desk, the standing desk should be set at elbow height. This means elbows should be in a 90-degree position from the floor. The top of the screen should be eye level, with a small upwards tilt of between 10 and 20 degrees. The idea is that there is never need to tilt your neck up or down.

It is recommended for example that the average 5’11” (1800 mm) user would have their desk about 44 inches (1110 mm) high.

Using a standing desk has high health benefits and even though standing at a desk is better than sitting, breaks to move and stretch, clear your head and rest your eyes are a good idea.

This height chart is ideal in helping which one of our desks would benefit users different heights.

How Tall Are Standing Desks? - Height Adjustable Desks By Lavoro Design
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