Helping you work from home

1 November 2021
Helping you work from home - height adjustable desk by Lavoro Design

Helping you work from home

At Lavoro Design, we want our customers to feel comfortable while working. Now that working from home has become the popular option for their working week, we want to be able to help out with work stations needed for home/out of the office.

We have an excellent variety of height-adjustable desks and storage and accessories alongside to help customers out in their new WFH office.

It is crucial to maintain a steady and healthy work balance similar to how it would be in the office; below in some information on how to do this.

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Advance 1
Advance Corner - Height Adjustable Desk By Lavoro Design
Zero Desk - Height Adjustable Desk By Lavoro Design

Setting up A height adjustable work station

Adjusting the computer/laptop to the point where there is no need to bend the neck is important. Having your screen at the right height helps efficiency as the neck and wrist are positioned at the right height. There should be no need to crane the neck, curve the back or to be leaning on the wrist if the  position of the computer or laptop screen is at the correct angle.

A good thing to consider whilst styling a WFH office is to know the working location and where to place the desk. The most obvious spot for an office desk is in front of a window so there is the benefit of natural light, instead of just staring into a wall every time the user looks up from their desk.

With all our height adjustable desks we make sure they are suitable for all desk users. With the maximum height reaching up to 1285mm and the minimum height of 625mm, all workstations are guaranteed to be designed perfectly for wheelchair accessibility and users up to 7ft in height. We provide excellent assembly videos for all desks to ensure stability whilst self-assembling.

Advance Meeting Table - Height Adjustable Desk By Lavoro Design

Choosing the right desk for a home office

We have plenty of desks available to suit all needs, especially if the WFH office requires a certain style.

Our compact desks, such as the Mini, Zero, and Flex, are an ideal workstation if space is limited in the home office. In addition, we offer our range of 18 different desktop décors with unique textures that would suit our desk ranges beautifully.

Our desks are highly customisable with over 20 compatible accessory and cable management options. So if wanting to keep the work station clutter free, Lavoro Design storage and accessories are the ones to go for.

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Advance Desk - Height Adjustable Desk By Lavoro Design


While working from home it is very important to have established boundaries between work and personal time.

Make sure to take breaks – Working for long periods without breaks leads to increased stress levels, decreased productivity and it can quickly take a toll on physical health too. With a height adjustable desk it’s helpful to change from sitting to standing and keeping active especially if wanting to remain standing after a break. By making regular breaks an important part of the working day, mental and physical wellbeing will benefit greatly.

More information on well-being for remote workers can be found on perk box here:

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