Choosing a Height Adjustable Desk – What do I need to consider?

21 June 2021
Choosing a height adjustable desk

Choosing a Height Adjustable Desk

What to look out for when choosing a height-adjustable desk?

Firstly, it is good to understand that these are often sold as ‘standing desks’ or ‘sit-stand desks’ but are all essentially the same thing.  The only exception here is that very occasionally a standing desk doesn’t offer any height adjustment, and is purely for standing.

So what statistics are important?

The main factor to consider when choosing a height adjustable desk is making sure that it has the correct range (or stroke) to suit the users height and build.  Three stage systems are nearly always suitable for the tallest users, and have enough of a range to suit those smaller in stature.

Next, is to check that the weight capacity of the chosen height adjustable desk is suitable for the environment and application you are hoping to use it for.  We would recommend that any sit-stand desk for commercial use has a minimum weight capacity of 100kg, whereas 80kg is nearly always sufficient for residential use – be aware that the published weight capacity of the frame doesn’t usually include the net weight of the desk top (as these can vary with size and material used).  Standing desks with a higher weight capacity are invariably more stable.

Knowing the optimum size that you’d like your sit-stand desk to be is important and helpful. Desktops can be custom-made to suit any size workspace, so be aware of this before committing to an ‘off the shelf solution that may not be perfect.

Other things that may affect decision making when choosing a height-adjustable desk could be:

  • Speed of operation (36mm-40mm per second is considered good)
  • Power consumption (standby power should always be less than 0.3w)
  • Warranty (Ensure that both the frame AND motors are fully covered)
  • Installation – are you happy building your height adjustable desk yourself, or would you prefer a dedicated installer to construct, test and take away the packaging from your new sit-stand desk?
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