Canary Wharf, London

4 April 2023
Synergi 3 Leg Meeting Table - Lavoro Design

Matching straight desks, dual workstations and meeting tables were chosen for a vibrant workspace in central London. Bespoke desktops were made to the client’s specific requirements for meetings.

Whether working in a private room, brainstorming with a colleague or two or collaborating with multiple team members, a height adjustable solution caters for a healthy, active working style.

Black frames with grey tops tie in the design of the space across multiple zones, with bold floor patterns softened by biophilia and soft furnishings.

DEALER – MBFurniture

LOCATION – Canary Wharf, London

DESKS – Advance Straight Desks, Duo Workstations and Synergi Meeting Tables – Black with Grey Tops

Private 1-person rooms provide an area for focus. While concentrating on a particular task, the Advance desk allows individuals to transition between sitting and standing to keep alert.

Canary Wharf, London - Desks By Lavoro Design
Lavoro Duo Workstations - London

Dual workstations allow employees to work individually or in groups, with screens on all sides for privacy. 

Black Duo Grey 1200×800

A Synergi 2 meeting table was specified for this small meeting room, with a bespoke desktop designed for the types of collaboration of this particular space, including video presentations. 

Lavoro Design Desks - Canary Wharf, London
Canary Wharf, London - Lavoro Design Synergi Table
Canary Wharf, London - Synergi 3 Meeting Table by Lavoro Design

For productive meetings involving more people, a Synergi 3 meeting table was chosen, with a top designed for the client’s power requirements. The centrepiece of the workspace, the table facilitates stand-up meetings, increasing cognitive performance. Biophilia nicely separates the meeting area from the back-to-back workstations. 

Synergi 3 Leg Meeting Table - Lavoro Design

Bold geometric floor patterns across the spacious workplace are contrasted by soft furnishings, acoustic baffles and pastel colours.

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