Axminster, Devon

16 November 2022
Axminster Tools Offices 1
Axminster Swatches

Lavoro Duo workstations were chosen to enhance this striking workplace, with complementary accessories to add value for the individual user.

Black was the desk colour of choice to contrast the light walls and flooring to create a bold appearance, whilst the timber desktops were specified to cohere with the surrounding design features. Fitting for a woodworking specialist!

Individually placed black Advance desks with Grey tops provide a distinction, with their sleek, premium look completing the style of the workspace.

CLIENT – Axminster Tools

DEALER – Broadbase Furniture Solutions

LOCATION – Axminster, Devon

DESKS – Black Duo dual workstation with Timber Desktop, black Advance with Grey Desktop, black Advance Corner with Grey Desktop.

Black Duo Timber
Black Advance Grey

Who wants their desk accessories to stick out like they’re an afterthought?

Matching accessories were specified to complete the desk solution, providing maximum value to the individual user. Cable management options, secure storage and screen brackets equate to a functional desk that looks neat and enables each team member to effectively organise equipment and resources.

Powder coated to match the desk frame colours, these accessories are designed for our desks and are built from premium European steel.

Axminster Tools
Axminster Tools

Also, by opting for dual workstations, the client has saved a luxurious amount of free office space, yet every team member still benefits from a generous amount of personal desk space.

By contrast, Advance desks are distinguished from the main layout – spaced apart to add interest, with sleek Grey tops matching the walls and pillars.

Axminster Tools
Axminster Tools

Bespoke panels made from our Timber desktops helped the design flow through different areas of this extensive workspace.

Cabinets, shelving, and tops for existing meeting tables, made from the same material, result in an impressive consistency of design.

Axminster Tools
Axminster Tools
Axminster Tools
Axminster Tools
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