3 Workplace wellbeing tips for 2023

24 January 2023

Awareness around workplace wellbeing has risen in recent years, meaning people are more interested in taking care of themselves which is fantastic news. It’s moved far beyond Tuesday team lunches, early finish Fridays and slow Saturdays; it’s a holistic view of work, personal life, finances, health and relationships with each feeding into the other. 

As objectives and KPIs are being set for the year ahead, there’s no time like the present to audit your organisation’s wellbeing practices to attract, and importantly retain, the best talent. We explore 3 workplace wellbeing tips for 2023 so you can champion wellness in your company.

1. Health Support

Already a priority, how can you offer support for a team of individuals with differing needs? Opening a dialogue and creating an arena where people are comfortable is paramount in creating trust and ensuring your teams know they can speak up.

As well as offering resources like ergonomic furniture, counselling, and mental health and movement apps, consider the below to reach a wider, diverse audience. Preventative healthcare is better than a cure, and also helps thwart causes of long term health issues and absence due to illness.

  • Plan and create space for wellbeing moments, not when someone has reached breaking point. Newleaf health have a lovely (downloadable), wellbeing calendar for 2023 that may help map out ideas.
  • Start the hard conversations to create a place people feel comfortable speaking up. Train and educate leaders to open communication lines. 
  • Long term sickness causes are many, one being sedentary behaviour from desk work and associated musculoskeletal (MSK) problems, costing the NHS around £5B annually. As a height adjustable desk company, we know sit-stand desks greatly reduce various health problems when used correctly. Movement keeps blood circulating, which keeps you healthy, creative and productive. What movement tools do you offer your teams? 
  • Allow people to speak up for accessibility or accommodations they may need to be their best selves. Not having the right tools may impact their ability to do the job and have knock on effects to their financial security.

      2. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

      The world is an eclectic group of people with enormous amounts of talent when given the chance to nurture their skills. By having open hiring policies you create endless opportunities and possibilities by attracting, and importantly, retaining, a diverse talent pool to help your business flourish. Searches for DEI have increased exponentially and employees are looking for genuinity, not tick box exercises. A sense of belonging can have instrumental positive effects on your mental health.

      • Has your workplace created a psychologically safe space to talk openly? This is huge. Speaking about traditional ‘taboos’ around health and holding space for these  conversations is the first step. Are your teams safe from ridicule and have a pathway to information on topics like neurodiversity, gender related queries or accessibility? 
      • Educate your teams on DEI and create belonging wherever your teams’ work. Managers and leaders have enormous pressure to evolve in today’s climate. Are you training and supporting them in learning? 
      • There are 7M disabled and long term health sufferers in the UK with many not disclosing health information at work for fear of judgement, not being considered for a role or fired. Audit your practices to ensure everyone has a voice.
      • Age, gender, race and health still create debates in pay gaps, accessibility and employability but true equality, in all forms, isn’t negotiable. Creating barriers to employment greatly affects financial, mental and physical health which enforces problems already faced.

        3. Financial Security

        People sleep soundly knowing they have enough means to support both their families and themselves, however the cost of living crisis is affecting 93% of people in the UK. Anxiety can wreak havoc with our mental health with knock on societal effects. Living costs, coupled with the financial implications of the pandemic, are seeing people looking for ways to cut down everywhere. A westfield health report shows increased search engine queries for food banks, jobs offering higher pay and things like ‘heat the human not the home’. Here are some ways you could offer financial support and security for your teams.

        • Travel cost cover and cycle to work schemes.
        • One off payments for bills like energy, water, gas or fuel for heat.
        • Several businesses are offering to pay for weekly grocery bills or childcare.
        • With the increasing pressure on the NHS many workers are looking for employment that offers health insurance.
        • There’s disparity between financial wellbeing and security within different groups of society. By having open DEI policies you can create inclusive financial support for not one group of people but many.
              Successful companies don't sit still

              Create 3 workplace wellbeing tips in 2023 and be the best business you can be by ensuring equality, security and health are the backbone of your organisation. Looking at wellbeing in all areas of your workplace will bring the best out of your people and open your doors to the industry best of the best. Read more workplace wellbeing tips over on our advice hub.

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