Solid Oak Desktops

26 July 2021
solid oak desktops for standing desks


Solid Oak Desktop has huge character, and really is the most striking of all solid wood desktops. With its features of natural knots and full depth of grain variation from multiple planks.

  • Solid 25mm hand-crafted character oak with natural finished edges. Inset metals batons on underside of desktop give structural strength to the natural planked wood.
  • Expertly finished with matte lacquer for a smooth refined touch.
  • Distinctive natural differences ensure no two tops are the same whilst retaining consistent uniformity. 

Available from stock in 9 desktop sizes:


600 x 800mm – V/600800

1000 x 600mm – V/1000600

1200 x 700mm – V/1200700

1200 x 800mm – V/1200800

1400 x 700mm – V/1400700


1400 x 800mm – V/1400800

1600 x 700mm –V/1600700

1600 x 800mm – V/1600800

1800 x 800mm – V/1800800

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solid oak desktops for standing desks

Since the beginning of time, wood has always been the material of choice in the crafting of furniture.

This was only significantly changed by the industrial revolution of the late 19th century and early 20th century. This saw the introduction of mass-produced cheaper materials to the global marketplace.

Even with the decline in popularity for the mass-markets, wood has only ever increased in it’s prominence in executive environments, and solid oak desktops are synonymous with quality, aesthetics and durability.

Below, we explore some of the key benefits of using solid oak desktops, and why our character oak is the best in class for solid wood desktop use.





Solid oak desktops will last for years, with very little maintenance. As oak is genuine hardwood, it will keep its rich textures and appearance indefinitely if treated with respect. The high value of oak has been maintained for many years, and using it in your furniture pieces ensures that the desk will be something that can be passed down the generations.



Cleaning solid oak desktops is a lot simpler than most consumers realise. It important to use natural polishes and products when cleaning, but can just be wiped with a damp cloth and carefully dried. In most cases, the best way to maintain a solid oak desktop is to simply dust regularly with a cotton duster. Any scratches or damage that may appear over the years may warrant sanding and resealing, but this is really easy as you can see from this video.



Every piece of wood, just like snowflakes and fingerprints is slightly different. Every solid wood desktop is a canvas of nature, and will always have differences however uniform the production method. This means that by using solid character oak, you have a product that no-one else can ever replicate exactly. It isn’t just the grain that varies with solid wood desktops, but also the tone, and appearance of knots – all adding to the beautiful warmth that oak offers.



There’s no denying that wood will go with anything, and character oak is certainly no exception. Whether looking for something dark and moody, or a light, Scandi, airy feel – the Lavoro character oak will be guaranteed to set the tone.



Wood can be a highly sustainable resource if harvested in a responsible and sustainable way. Using timber from FSC certified forests, trees can be continually replenished. These forests emphasize replacing whatever trees they harvest with new trees. by continuing to invest in FSC certified resources, we continue to invest into our planet, and our future. You can find out more about the FSC here.


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